Consistency Race | 2019
Baltic Congress of Endocrinology
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This year on July 27th we are launching, we are launching a tradition that will unite all kinds of motorcyclists – age, experience, kind of motorcycle, as well as its power being irrelevant. This will be a race, where the winner is determined by the ability of each participant to feel their ride. The rules are simple – participants have to cover 30 km long stretch Ērgļi – Ķeipene, back and forth, twice, with covered speedometers. The point in this competition is not to be the fastest, but to make all four legs of the route in as equal time as possible.


Race Rules.

The foreseen speed limit during the race is 30km/h -120km/h. Such restriction is set to ensure the security of the participants.
The motorcycle speedometers will be covered. It is categorically prohibited to uncover the speedometer during the entire race time. If an uncovered speedometer is detected, the motorcycle owner shall be disqualified.

Speed measurements will be read by using 'mylaps' technology. It is strictly forbidden to use GPS devices. If it is found that a participant is using a GPS device, he or she shall be automatically disqualified. Each participant must drive four legs of the route altogether -two forth, two back.
The winner will be determined by the scheme: 4 legs (two forth, two back); difference between forth and back; sum of both leg times divided by 2 = participant's result. By paying the participation fee, the participant fully assumes responsibility for the road accidents caused on the road and at the venue.

Dress code: according to the period of time when the participant’s bike is manufactured.
Motorcycles that can participate in the race: retro, custom, modern classic, classic, cafe racer, brat style, classic scooter, tracker, scrambler.

Participation fee:
Early birds until June 30th–€75.00,

Prices are indicated with VAT included.

Sign up for the race in time!

For the start of the first leg of the race the motorcycles will stand in positions arranged according to the registration of the participants -the sooner you are registered, the closer you will be to the starting line. The start positions for the second, third and fourth legs will be set in the order in which the participants enter the finish of the respective leg. All four rides will start with a ''mass start''. Each participant's time will be counted individually -from the starting line to the finish line

  • 9.00 - 10.30 Covering of the speedometers / installing speed measuring devices
  • 11.00 starts - 12.00 Control time for Leg 1 (Ērgļi -Ķeipene)
  • 12.30 starts - 13.30 Control time for Leg 2 (Ķeipene -Ērgļi)
  • 14.30 starts - 15.30 Control time for Leg 3 (Ērgļi -Ķeipene)
  • 16.00 starts - 17.00 Control time for Leg 4 (Ķeipene -Ērgli)
  • 18.00 - Award ceremony

Prize sponsors:

We have choses the route Ērgļi — Ķeipene on purpose, as for the motorcyclists the surface is excellent, the landscape is scenic, the road has loads of bends with good visibility, which altogether will allow you to fully enjoy the ride.

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